Green Hotel - Our Commitment to Sustainability
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Green Hotel

Our Commitment to Sustainability


At Mandarava Resort and Spa, we are deeply committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Our mission is to provide a luxurious and memorable experience for our guests while minimizing our environmental footprint. We believe that a successful business is one that supports and enhances the natural beauty and resources of our surroundings.
The management team recognizes the critical importance of environmental stewardship, energy conservation, and ensuring the health and safety of both our valued customers and dedicated employees. We are committed to providing exceptional service while prioritizing eco-friendly practices. Concurrently, we uphold our responsibilities and high standards in customer service. Our roles and key principles are outlined as follows:


Key Principles

1. Energy Conservation

  • The hotel uses energy-efficient lighting and appliances: Install LED lighting, energy-saving appliances, and smart thermostats throughout the hotel.
  • We are maintaining the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems: Regularly service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure they operate efficiently.
  • The hotel is encouraging our guests to participate in energy-saving practices: Promote linen and towel reuse programs and provide energy-saving tips to guests.
  • The hotel is planning to implement renewable energy sources: Utilize solar panels and other renewable energy technologies where feasible.

2. Water Management

  • The hotel is planning to install low-flow fixtures: Equip bathrooms with low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets to reduce water usage. 
  • The hotel is encouraging the use of native and drought-resistant plants: Landscape with plants that require minimal water, suitable for the local climate. 
  • The hotel is developing the plan to monitor and repair leaks: Conduct regular inspections to detect and fix any leaks promptly. 
  • The hotel will encourage and support the participation of guests, employees, suppliers, visitors and those working in the premises in creating an awareness of water management. We will provide the relevant knowledge to all levels staff and build up the awareness to staff and hotel guests on water conservation: Provide information and training on the importance of conserving water.
  • The hotel is planning to organize activities with employees as well as hotel guests to reduce water usage.

3. Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • The hotel is developing a comprehensive recycling program: Set up recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass, and metal throughout the resort. 
  • We are planning on the reduction of single-use plastics: Offer alternatives like reusable bottles, straws, and cutlery. 
  • The hotel is encouraging the compost of organic waste: We are implementing a composting system for kitchen scraps and garden waste. 
  • The hotel is looking for partners with eco-friendly suppliers: Choose suppliers who use minimal and sustainable packaging.

4. Sustainable Purchasing

  • The hotel realizes the important of sustainable purchasing. We are encouraging to source the products locally: Buy local produce and products to reduce transportation emissions and support the local economy. 
  • The hotel is encouraging to choose sustainable or eco-friendly suppliers: We are trying to select suppliers with certifications for sustainability or environmental friendliness. 
  • We are encouraging the use of biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products: Opt for cleaning supplies that are safe for the environment and human health.

5. Community Engagement and Education

  • The hotel is promoting the collaboration with local environmental organizations: with the plan to support and participate in local conservation and sustainability initiatives. 
  • To follow and enforce local and government legislation/regulations regarding the environment at all times.
  • The hotel is planning on offering the educational programs: Provide workshops, tours, and materials that educate guests and staff on environmental issues and practices. 
  • We are promoting eco-friendly activities and tours: Highlight activities that allow guests to experience and appreciate the natural environment sustainably.

6. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection

  • The hotel prioritizing the protection of the natural habitat within and around the property. We are maintaining the green spaces and native vegetation: Preserve natural habitats within the resort and use native plants in landscaping. 
  • The hotel is encouraging to minimize the impact on local wildlife from our operations: We are implementing measures to protect local fauna, such as wildlife crossings and habitat restoration. 
  • We are monitoring the pollution  and developing the plan to prevent pollution and maintain clean air and water: Use best practices to avoid contamination of air and water sources, including proper waste disposal and reduction of emissions

7. Continuous Improvement

  • The hotel is regularly review and update environmental practices: Conduct periodic assessments to identify areas for improvement and update policies accordingly. 
  • The hotel sets and track goals for reducing environmental impact: Establish measurable targets for energy use, water conservation, waste reduction, and other sustainability metrics. 
  • We are encouraging the feedbacks for improvement: Solicit input from guests and staff to identify areas for improvement as well as refine and enhance sustainability efforts.

8. Green Building Practices

  • The hotel is developing the plan to incorporate sustainable design in construction: Use green building techniques and materials for new construction and renovations. 
  • We are aware of the use eco-friendly building materials and methods: We are trying to select materials that are sustainable, recycled, or have a low environmental impact.
  • The hotel ensures buildings are energy-efficient: Design buildings to maximize natural light, ventilation, and insulation to reduce energy consumption.

7. Sustainable Transportation

  • The hotel is plaining to promote bicycles and walking paths: Provide bike rentals and well-maintained walking paths to encourage low-impact transportation.
  • We are encouraging the use of public transportation and shuttle services: Offer information on local public transport options and provide shuttle services to reduce individual car use.

8. Our Green Initiatives

  • Eco-Friendly Guest Rooms: Our rooms are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly toiletries, and sustainable furnishings.
  • Green Spa: Our spa uses natural and organic products, with treatments designed to promote well-being while respecting the environment.
  • Sustainable Dining: Our restaurants focus on farm-to-table dining, using locally sourced, organic ingredients to create delicious and sustainable meals.


Join Us in Making a Difference


We invite our guests to join us in our commitment to sustainability. By choosing to stay at Mandarava Resort and Spa, you are supporting a greener future. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and preserve the natural beauty of Phuket for generations to come.

For more information on our environmental practices or to provide feedback, please contact us at [contact information].

Thank you for choosing Mandarava Resort and Spa, where luxury meets sustainability.